The Pisa brothers' interest in watchmaking began at the beginning of the last century, and during the thirties it became their main craft. After World War II, dedication, devotion and passion for this job led them to open some shops; including ours, established in 1953. 
Since those far-off days our family has grown together with the world around us. Tastes, trends and life habits have changed.
But time hasn’t changed what represents us most: the enthusiasm for research and the desire to be a meeting point between different styles and generations. This is what sets us apart. We feel that we are on a neverending journey into the future with the daily continuance of our tradition.
In the next pages you can find some samples taken from our numerous collections located in the store. You are most welcome to discover or, indeed, to rediscover us.

We will be on hand to attend to your needs.

Elisabetta and Laura Pisa.